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This is my main fandom! I've been writing for this series since 2006 or so. Those early fics of mine are long gone, but I've written plenty more since.

🔥 Of Elements 🔥

Project page (More info to come on this page).

A long running series of stories retelling the tales of Yamato and his friends as teenagers, with a focus on fusing aspects from every version of Battle B-daman, exploring the B-daworld's past, the elements that influence each character's life, angst, and shipping.

Most of my personal worldbuilding for B-daman came about for this series.

Lighting Strikes Twice (19,679 words) 2020-01-08

Power and strength are earned, not taken. Enjyu's tale, through the years that led up to the discovery of Cobalt Blade.

amygdaloidal (2,671 words) 2019-01-02

Bull's first encounter with Gray. Features experimenting with POV switching for Bull's personalities.

the wind at his back (2,107 words) 2014-03-27

Gray is the wind, and Yamato is the fire that will cleanse him. Maybe.

frostbite (4,478 words) 2016-07-28

How Wen deals with Gray leaving him behind, and how Enjyu seizes an opportunity.

Upstream Theory (6,032 words) 2018-12-25

Tsubame sets out from Tsubakura City and makes a stop at Saitoon. Terry trains under Armada and befriends Yamato.

👁‍🗨 Shadeless and Endless 👁‍🗨

Project page.

Bad end future alternate universe. Ten years ago, Marda-Biarce won. The world has since moved on as he rules the world from his lavish coastal city, New Meowlantis, allowing peace to flourish once more. But there are whispers of those who fight against this new world, of a hero who survived...

i know that you will bleed for me (666 words)2020-06-15

Of Marda-Biarce and of his generals, and their trophies of victory, after the war. This ficlet was the original plot bunny for the AU and now serves as a brief introductory sketch.

The Shadeless Throne (22038 - ongoing)last updated: 2022-12-12

Ten years after Marda-Biarce won his war on the B-daworld, the gears of change start turning once again when Gray escapes from a mind-controlled Joshua and into the hands of Joshua's brother, Abel.

The primary fic of the AU; outside of Gray and Abel, it is largely OC-driven, along with characters from the extended canon.

Home and Heart

Project page (WIP).

A total alternate universe where B-daman do not exist and people are born instead with affinities toward certain elements, to the point of being able to control them. Yamato is drawn into this semi-hidden world when he acquires a mysterious emblem that bestows upon him a fireheart and reforges him into the Fireblade.

Dark Nights, Vega City (5000 words) 2020-04-10

The Fireblade comes to Vega City to retrieve the Thunderking.

🩸 Boys Who Dream 🩸

Project page.

Role reversal AU of Shadow Alliance and Team Powered characters. Enjyu, B-damaster Armada's young charge, is also his foremost apprentice. While celebrating his thirteenth birthday with his fellow apprentices Wen and Li, a mysterious stranger named Gray arrives, pursued by the Shadow Alliance's greatest agent, Yamato.

🐾 Meowlantis 🐾

Project page

One thousand years ago, the great empire of Meowlantis stood tall, spanning end to end across the Greater Continent of Meowtra. Remembered in the modern day as an ancient world of heroes, what tales can be told of this past? What strange happenings and great figures lived in this ancient empire?

Enemies of Meowlantis (5115 words) 2021-08-23

A thousand years ago, Marda-B had a single faithful apprentice who followed him to the end.

💭 The Disciples of Marda-B 💭

Fic page.

Though Marda-B was defeated, he left behind several strange and dangerous artifacts, as well as six disciples dedicated to protecting and guarding them. Now, a few years later, Yamato and Enjyu find themselves on a journey to uncover them all and learn more about Marda-B's past—and their own—together. Unlike my other projects, this is a longfic, though divided into distinct arcs.

Standalone Works

Fear of the Dark (1442 words) 2010-03-03

The three people in Karat's life who fought with the dark, and the one among them who fought back at the light. An early fic adjacent to Of Elements, which informed the series' tone but is no longer part of it.

Fragments (1079 words)2012-10-07

The Bdamage knows none of them are whole, not like this. She also knows that Yamato will be left behind. An early exploration of Marda-B and the B-damage.

Walking Before Running (1274 words) 2020-02-23

Enjyu knows he's dancing against a delicate balance. And Wen nudges him dangerously toward the edge.

Enjyu/Wen with a bilingual flair (Banqsian/English + Laikenese/Chinese).

Flowers Bloom Until They Rot (10210 words) 2020-04-14

Ababa remembers the sun on his fur, the meadows outside his hometown, and his wild and untamable magic...then the tall and handsome stranger who calls himself Marda-B comes to take him away. What follows is not quite a romance, not when one of them is under mind control and the other is losing control of himself.

A deep dive into one possible version of Ababa's past with Marda-B, set across the forty years of the Shadow Alliance's existence.

Almost Home (3574 wordS) 2020-04-16

After the entire Legend Stone debacle, Enjyu decides he's off to a life on the road. Certain catty elements don't agree with his decision.

A manga-verse fic set immediately after Biarce's defeat, featuring my headcanon version of Marda-B alongside Biarce's extended canon family.

And You Are Not Alone (2458 words) 2020-04-18

Soulmarks bring with them complications for certain catfolk men. Marda-B/Ababa and Armada/Badmada.

Electric Catenary (3620 words)2020-07-25

Cornell returns out of Enjyu's past and stirs up some drama within the Shadow Alliance.

A short little drama inspired by hiragiHOUX's Cornell returns comic. Icon taken from comic.

Quiete (246 words) 2021-04-24

In a lull in the war, Enjyu questions Biarce.

Just A Little Rest (100 words)2021-08-19

A quiet moment on the road, in the middle of the night, between Mie and Li.

The Princess of Light and Her Neon Heart (4629 words)


There was a war. Evil was defeated, everybody lived, and the heroes won.

There was a war and still, years later, it lives in Karat's skin, and it coils and tangles with her city's very roots, even as they rebuild.

🎃 A Collection of Meowsteries

Project page.

A series of 100 word drabbles, posted daily in the month of October 2021. All drabbles were based on Halloween or Autumn themed prompts from various sources. Some stories are spooky, some stories are cute, and there are a lot of AUs, even ones that don't make sense.

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