of elements.

A long running series of stories retelling the tales of Yamato and his friends as teenagers, with a focus on fusing aspects from every version of Battle B-daman, exploring the B-daworld's past, the elements that influence each character's life, angst, and shipping.

Series on AO3.

Lighting Strikes Twice (19,679 words) 2020-01-08

Power and strength are earned, not taken. Enjyu's tale, through the years that led up to the discovery of Cobalt Blade.

amygdaloidal (2,671 words) 2019-01-02

Bull's first encounter with Gray.

the wind at his back (2,107 words) 2014-03-27

Gray is the wind, and Yamato is the fire that will cleanse him. Maybe.

frostbite (4,478 words) 2016-07-28

How Wen deals with Gray leaving him behind, and how Enjyu seizes an opportunity.

Upstream Theory (6,032 words) 2018-12-25

Tsubame sets out from Tsubakura City and makes a stop at Saitoon. Terry trains under Armada and befriends Yamato.