Home and Heart

A total alternate universe where B-daman do not exist and people are born instead with affinities toward certain elements, to the point of being able to control them. Those blessed with such abilities gravitate toward each other and form gangs of powerful and likeminded hearts.

Yamato Delgato is drawn into this semi-hidden world when he acquires a mysterious emblem that bestows upon him a fireheart and reforges him into the Fireblade. Upon learning of the Shadow Alliance, he immediately establishes the League of Power and pulls together a band of friends to fight those who would use their hearts' powers to harm others.

Series on AO3


Dark Nights, Vega City (5000 words) 2020-04-10

The Fireblade comes to Vega City to retrieve the Thunderking.

The Descent of Orpheus (4302 words) 2021-11-02

Joshua would go to hell and back for Cain's sake. Literally.