BIRTHDAY:August 25 (Virgo)
RACE:Lyud Human
ALIGNMENT:Neutral Evil
AFFILIATION:Shadow Alliance
He legally wasn't supposed to be doing anything doctorly, but that obviously suited us just fine...

Often found in his private office in the Shadow Alliance’s Headquarters, the organization’s in-house doctor who experiments with poisons for fun is Arsennias Stasiak. A man with long, pale green (white in his old age) hair and stony gray eyes, Arsen cuts an intimidating figure within the Shadow Alliance’s halls, terrifying recruits and elites alike. As a doctor, he wears a simple white coat. As a B-daplayer, he wears a cape clasped together by a brooch with the legendary Wind Stone attached to it. He tends toward light, cool color schemes.

Arsen is meticulous and exacting, and incredibly organized. He keeps extensive journals about his life.

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40 years ago...

—In the town of Heltoon, deep in the mountains of the Delta Expanse, a young magically-inclined catfolk brought together his two dear friends and created a great organization called the Shadow Alliance. They swiftly gathered three more, and from Heltoon, expanded to the rest of the B-daworld...

Winter Wind

Prior to Arsen swearing himself to Ababa's cause in creating the Shadow Alliance, he spent the early years of his adulthood traveling the world alone, studying the medicines (and poisons) of the world while earning his keep as a hired assassin. After the widower of one of his victims took revenge upon him however, he returned home to Heltoon and joined Ababa's cause.

The Legend Stones

Arsen volunteered to search for the Legend Stones when Ababa revealed his plan to acquire them all. Though his efforts led him to many dead ends, he eventually discovered the location of the Wind Stone in Wintoon after befriending several of its residents by posing as a traveling doctor.

After a year more of searching and investigating, he determined that the Wind Stone was in the hands of Grace Vincent. He visited her and her husban Michael Vincent and won the Wind Stone in battle. He then murdered the pair, burned down their home, and then, in a sudden bout of regret, left their children behind rather than bringing them back to be raised by the Shadow Alliance.

When he returned, Arsen refused to battle anyone for the Wind Stone, and retired from his elite status to simply be a doctor for the Shadow Alliance.

Home and Heart


In this AU, Arsen was previously an officer of the Shadow Alliance known as the formidable Lord Winterwing. He specializes in manipulating temperature aspects of the wind and a little of sound. He is feared both within and without the Shadow Alliance.

He survived the Shadow Alliance’s forced disbandment, and would go on to join the Army of Chaos, where he was reunited with Nanashi. With all his prospects dead, he agreed to marrying her at her request. He then joins her in her assignment to sow discord across the upper levels of Vega City.



A white and light blue B-daman with icicle-like spikes on its armor. It has a slot on its head for an emblem, added there by the Wind Stone.

B-daballs used with it are usually green.

Cardinal Storm: Arsen’s special attack. Boreas gathers power in its barrel, then fires an icy B-daball across the field that freezes its own trail. The attack also creates a flurry of winds around the field.

Wind-attuned: As a wielder of the Wind Stone for a long time, Arsen’s body has grown attuned to changes in the wind, and he was also able to manipulate it in small amounts to carry sound further.



Arsen regards Ababa as his oldest friend, a feeling that is mutual, despite their covert attempts to kill each other and treating it as a dance. As co-founders of the Shadow Alliance, they make for a formidable pair.


The woman who stole his heart during his travels, Arsen spent long years dreaming of reuniting with her. Arsen tries not to think of how she left him with their child to raise alone.

Naptha Baran

Though they began as merely his annoying co-worker and subordinate in the Shadow Alliance clinic, Naptha quickly became a dear friend and lover to Arsen. Though he expertly hides it, their disappearance in many verses heavily haunts him. Should he live past the disbandment of the Shadow Alliance, Arsen goes on a journey to find them again.


An unusual pair, Nara and Arsen grew up flirting with each other, but Arsen’s interests soon lay in Ababa solely and Nara married someone else (now deceased). Through Ababa's manipulations, a rift has grown between them and they have not spoken in many years.

Ulysse Rosair

Arsen's greatest enemy. Though Arsen had befriended him and his husband, he chose to go through with killing Rosair's husband, one of his marks, in a particularly cruel manner. Rosair took revenge upon Arsen, leading to hateful dance between them that lasts to this day.



Arsen's unplanned child with Ababa that both decided to keep. While both spoiled her, they also chose to raise her as an elite agent of the Shadow Alliance, ensuring she knows no other life but the way of the shadow.


Arsen's eldest child with Nara from one of their only tyrsts. Unfortunately, Arsen is completely unaware of her existence as her impending birth was one of the reasons Ababa became more controlling toward Arsen. Nara elected to raise Friya on her own, and she since became a powerful agent for the Shadow Alliance in her own right.

Serine Stasiak

Arsen's child with Naptha, who was carrrying her when they disappeared. Though initially unaware of her birth, in verses where Arsen survives and has the chance to meet her, he very quickly becomes fond of her and actively tries to be a better father to her than he has been to his other children.

Yannes Stasiak

Arsen's child with Nana, whom she left behind with Arsen, asking him to raise Yannes into a powerful B-daplayer. At this point unprepared and unwilling to raise any children at all, he promptly left Yannes with the Shadow Alliance Orphanage. This, however, did not stop Yannes from discovering their relationship, and as Yannes grew and became a powerful mage and B-daplayer, his obsession with Arsen grew. Arsen despises Yannes in turn and stops at nothing to keep him at arm's length.


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