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Welcome to my Fairy Ranmaru mini-site! On this page you'll find links to my fanfiction for the show, but you can check the sidebar for links to more Fairy Ranmaru stuff I've made!

I got into this show around episode 7 or so, and proceeded to be completely consumed by the mystery around Ranmaru and Chilka's past, as well as the worldbuilding of the fairy world. I wrote a fair amount of fic during the show's lifetime, as such, my fics here can be firmly divided into fics written during airing and fics written after the show aired.

Written while ongoing

Orion's Last Hunt (3571 words)


Love was never an easy thing for fairies of Betelgeuse and Sirius's caliber.

Theories on backstory, written after episode 7/before episode 8.

I Think I Thought Saw You Try (1883 words)


Five times Takara encountered Chilka and didn't do a thing about it.

Set over episodes 4-7.

Within Reach (342 words)


Out in the city, Ranmaru sees someone who takes his heart. Chilka/Ranmaru.

Rising (100 words)


Takara does as he's told because he has nowhere else to go.

Takara character study with a dash of backstory speculation.

What I Want Is... (251 words)


They fall onto Bakkun, waiting for them in bed form, as soon as they exit heaven space.

Set near the end of Episode 10.

Where Rainclouds Gather (764 words)


A young Homura meets an Aqua Clan boy when he takes a door in his father's quarters.

A young Uruu finds a lost Ignis Clan boy in the gardens he practices his painting.

Theirs is a happy friendship that does not have a happy end.

Written after ended

These Wings Carry Me to Heaven (2105 words)


On a visit to the fairy world after its restoration, Ranmaru lets Sirius examine and groom his wings.

Contains pre-relationship complicated feelings and some worldbuilding.

Our Abandoned Country (400 words)


Four fairies gaze upon their homelands.

Based on a certain scene in episode 12.

The Fairy Queen's Timekeeper (4588 words)


Hojo carries many roles within the Fairy World. In each one, he strives to be at his best; to complete his work; to be a steadfast pillar in his Queen's world. He grows with each role.

And yet, he still fails.

A Hojo-centric take on pre-canon, building a timeline out of what we know.

Forget Me (Not) (1692 words)


There was no Betelgeuse without Sirius, and no Sirius without Betelgeuse. But they had chosen themselves, to be Ranmaru without Chilka, and Chilka without Ranmaru.

Or at least, they had wanted to.

This fic is a collaboration with hiragiHOUX and as such links offsite.

Other things on the site...

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Project page.

For SBCR Week, a celebration of the ships of Sirius and Betelgeuse or Chilka and Ranmaru, I wrote a short poem for each prompt. These are collected here.